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Date: 2011-03-20 20:05
Subject: listen up, internet
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Tags:desperation, procrastination excuses within procrasti, ranting, raving, the incompetence of others
specifically, you east coast internet bitches. FIFTY-SIX minutes have gone by since you all finished watching the big love SERIES FINALE. last week, it was up in 23 minutes. the week before that, 29. so i would expect you to be at LEAST as efficient as you are for normal episodes, let alone for the most important episode of the fucking series. get your shit together. get it online. you're doing more of a disservice to the world than you know. not only are you keeping the rest of the world waiting for the series finale, but you are giving me a perfect excuse to procrastinate finishing my screenplay, which is due in like three seconds. and my screenplay is some seriously genius shit. you're holding it up. you're putting more and more distance in between the completion of my work and its release into the world. and even if it's not this screenplay that blows up, it'll be the catalyst for what's obviously going to be a seminal screenwriting career, so you're just holding shit up all over the place. think about it. big love is over, there's even more of a need for good new programming... but i can't focus while i'm clicking refresh on four separate tabs every three seconds. i can't deal with my characters until i know what happens to my beloved albie.

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Date: 2011-01-08 17:19
Subject: question
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Tags:ambiguous television racism
why are all the witches on the vampire diaries black? 
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Date: 2009-08-30 16:02
Subject: understanding will require an injection of translator microbes
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Tags:adorable otters, asynchronous javascript voodoo, reading comprehension is hard except for, semantics, the internet is important
Expanding Collapsed Comments: LiveJournal offers a feature to expand collapsed comments and comment threads without having to load a separate page to view the collapsed comments. This feature is available to all users on Paid and Permanent accounts and to Paid and Permanent users on all accounts. To expand a collapsed comment or comment thread, click on the "Expand" link by the comment you wish to expand.

this is what LJ says in their comment FAQ. i was trying to figure out the difference between clicking 'expand' and 'thread' while reading comments. sentence #2 appears to be completely redundant, unless there's some sort of squares versus rectangles issue at work here and i'm missing some sort of geometric subtlety. this explanation also makes it seem like you shouldn't see an 'expand' option unless you have a paid or permanent account, and if that were true, i would have nothing to be confused about and wouldn't have ended up making this post, so i still don't understand anything about anything. i'm about to fiddle with some greasemonkey scripts and firefox addons that supposedly add (for free) an 'expand all' feature of some description, but i'm not optimistic about any of them, because if there were an easy way to make all comment threads expand by default, i probably would have seen the answer plastered all over the first page of my google search results, surrounded by big flashing html lights and arrows and so forth. apparently automatic expansion of comment threads hurts poor baby precious livejournal's servers or databases or something, which i guess is why the 'expand' feature is supposed to be another incentive to get a paid account, but that just brings us back to the question of why i see the word 'expand' next to any comments whatsoever, as i am a serial freeloader.

and how come there's no quote/blockquote option in my rich text toolbar? and why the hell would i ever want to minimize that toolbar if i deliberately wanted to use the rich text editor? it's not like it takes up a huge amount of space, or if you minimize it, you'll suddenly find yourself typing into a full-screen, clutter-free typing window, so i don't really understand the point of the little arrow. i mean, if lj is concerned about the load people are putting on their servers, why not eliminate the opportunity for people to unnecessarily request more bandwidth by clicking it just to see what it does, be disappointed, and change it again? and if the answer to that question has to do with some AJAX type in-line reloading voodoo - then that sure as fuck indicates the same technology could be used for expanding comment threads without having to reload the entire page - you know, like most major websites have been doing for about a billion years now.

i plagiarized myself and reiterated portions of this post from comments i made earlier today in a random thread on ontd. just covering ground in case i try to sue myself for copyright infringement at some point in the future.

i fucking hate weekends and how there's nothing on the goddamn television until prime time, which is a dangerous situation that leads to personal investigations into matters that would strike me as pointless or not worth the required energy expenditure - IF i only had something to watch on the fracking tv.

otters are super adorable.

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Date: 2009-03-23 19:35
Subject: i think we covered this in 19th century russian literature
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Tags:baltar's fresh fruits, grass appreciation, stupid whiny ingrates
i would have been happy to "start over," too.
everyone's busy hating on galactica for supposedly having goddamn hippie and/or religious freak propaganda woven throughout the finale, but i'm not convinced, and i don't care about the whining - i loved how the show ended. it made sense to me and it felt good in my heart, even as it feels kind of nervous and lonely now that it's over.
but yeah, i often have daydreams about a simpler life. yes, i'm a television and internet addict, i love gadgets, and i certainly enjoy wearing clothes and cooking frozen pizzas. but man and nature are inextricably linked. even as we build cities and destroy the atmosphere, that connection will always exist. during college, i ached for seattle, i ached for my city. but being in the middle of nowhere forced me to rediscover the easiest, most natural way to feel better that there is - going outside. it was a foolproof way to clear my head and regain the ability to find beauty in the world. i was really, really sad during some of those years. and i would go to my psychiatrist every week and tirelessly shout about how i didn't WANT to be alive in a world that was this horrible, how there was nothing positive i could do with my life and how i didn't want to stick around to keep seeing good people get cancer or kill themselves or starve to death.
but those pastoral scenes, of everyone lying in the grass and looking out over the fields - it was almost like deja vu, i felt like it was the same sunshine and the same bright green everything that i used to run to when i needed a reminder, a refresher. about why i didn't want to die.
and certainly, if my entire civilization - times 12 - was destroyed in moments by robots we created, and then i had to spend like four years stuck on a crowded, cold spaceship with nothing to eat except algae, and always worrying about being sent to a cylon death camp or being airlocked on suspicion of treason, or catching a stray bullet from the 'revolutionary' group of the week, and watching the tiny remainder of my species fall apart with no mercy... yeah dude, if i FINALLY found a habitable planet after all that, i'd probably be the first one to jump on the 'well that fucking sucked, let's start over and try again'' bandwagon.

especially if i got to eat some nice organic vegetables grown by gaius baltar.
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Date: 2009-01-02 19:46
Subject: omg omg gues what i will be watching exactly two weeks from this moment!?!
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Tags:large fonts emphasize importance, omg omg omg, unbridled television enthusiasm
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Date: 2008-11-14 14:54
Subject: change has come to tree hill
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Tags:change, future literary masters, the chad, yes we did

previously, i thought that the most beautiful words i'd ever seen written on a tv screen were "Barack Obama ELECTED 44th President of the United States of America," but after monday night, i now know differently. the most beautiful words i've ever seen written on a tv screen are "written by chad michael murray."

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